#70 Early Childhood: Realising the Potential (Part 2)

This week it's the second part of our coverage of the Realising the Potential Early Childhood Forum that was held on Friday June 8. This week we hear Lisa's interviews with Andrew Hume, the CEO of Gowrie Victoria; Anthony Semann, presenter, researcher and head of professional learning organisation Semann & Slattery; and then a joint interview with Charlene Smith from the Mitchell Institute; consultant and President of ECA Victorian Branch Catharine Hydon; and the author of the Lifting Our Game Report Professor Deb Brennan.

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#69 Early Childhood: Realising the Potential (Part 1)

This week is the first of two episodes with interviews from speakers at the Victorian Government's Realising the Potential Early Childhood Forum that was held on Friday June 8. This week, Lisa speaks with Simon Kent from the Victorian Education Department, Joce Nutall from ACECQA and the Australian Catholic University, and consultant, trainer, writer and researcher Anne Kennedy.

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#56 Men in early childhood education

With men only accounting for 3-4% of the early childhood educator workforce, the experiences of males in the sector has always been a topic of discussion. This week Lisa and Liam break down an article Liam wrote explaining why he won't be getting involved in campaigns, events and advocacy related to this issue anymore.

You can read Liam's original article here.

Forgive the plug, but Lisa and Liam have been involved in developing a new guide for services transitioning to the New Child Care Package. Find out more about "Getting Ready" here.

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