#99 Educator Wellbeing Project Stakeholder Roundtable

This week Liam gets an update on the Early Childhood Educator Wellbeing Project (ECEWP) we covered earlier in the year. Liam speaks to Tamara Cumming, one of the researchers leading the Project; Leisa Wright, Centre Director at Harrison Early Childhood Centre, one of the services taking part in the Project; and Leanne Gibbs, who facilitated a session at the Project’s recent Stakeholder Roundtable.

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#90 Early Childhood Educator Wellbeing Project (with Sandie Wong, Tamara Cumming and Helen Logan)

In our first episode of 2019, Liam chats with Associate Professor Sandie Wong, Dr Tamara Cumming and Dr Helen Logan about the Early Childhood Educator Wellbeing Project. The Project takes an holistic approach to examine the psychological and physiological aspects of early childhood educators’ well-being within the context of their work environments.

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#88 From Working Towards to Exceeding (with Wendy Mackay and Anna Whitty)

For our last regular episode of the year, we turn the microphone over to two early childhood education leaders. Wendy Mackay (Centre Director of Harrison Early Childhood Centre) speaks with Anna Whitty (Executive Director, Northside Children’s Services) about leading her centre from a Working Towards rating in 2015, to an Exceeding rating in 2018. The discussion documents the highs and lows of this three-year journey of quality improvement through leadership, self-reflection and professional identity.

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#83 After the Apology: What services need to do to keep children safe

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologised on behalf of the nation  for failing and abandoning the thousands of survivors of institutional child sex abuse. The Apology came after the Royal Commission conducted a years-long investigation into Australia’s failure to keep children safe in many instances.

This week, we take a look at how the Royal Commission and the Apology affects early childhood education services, what it means to be a child-safe organisation and what the Commission’s proposed Child Safe Standards mean for children and the sector.

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#82 Labor's new early education policies (with Amanda Rishworth and Megan O'Connell)

Lisa and Leanne are taking an extra (well-deserved) week off, so Liam takes a look at the Labor Party's recent early education policy announcements regarding three-year-old preschool and free TAFE places.

He chats about Labor's new policies with the Shadow Education Minister Amanda Rishworth, and then talks with Mitchell Institute Director and policy expert Megan O'Connell to take a deeper look at what they mean for the sector.

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