#56 Men in early childhood education

With men only accounting for 3-4% of the early childhood educator workforce, the experiences of males in the sector has always been a topic of discussion. This week Lisa and Liam break down an article Liam wrote explaining why he won't be getting involved in campaigns, events and advocacy related to this issue anymore.

You can read Liam's original article here.

Forgive the plug, but Lisa and Liam have been involved in developing a new guide for services transitioning to the New Child Care Package. Find out more about "Getting Ready" here.

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#43 Children's rights and the media

Early childhood educators, services and advocates exploring issues of inclusion and social justice have been getting a lot of negative attention in the media recently, mostly from the conservative News Corp newspapers. Why are some media outlets to outraged by exploring rights in early education settings, and how should the sector respond?

Lisa also talks with Dr Red Ruby Scarlet about how she has responded to the recent media interest and why the sector needs people who will publicly champion social justice issues.

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#40 Interview with Kate Washington, NSW Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education

This week we bring you an interview Leanne conducted with Kate Washington MP, NSW Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education. They discuss Labor's policy positions on early childhood education, current issues with funding of early education in NSW and much more. Plus, stay tuned right to the end to find out about our exciting first ever competition!

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