#12 Talking politics with young children / Our favourite research

We're back with another packed episode! This week on the agenda:

  • Should we talk politics with young children in early education centres, and if so - how?
  • We each share one of our favourite bits of research with each other
  • A quick chat about AGM season, and elections to boards and peak bodies

Links discussed this week:

Has the world gone mad? Schools bring in therapy dogs and Play — Doh for college kids traumatised by Donald Trump win
US Holocaust expert suspended from teaching after comparing Donald Trump to Hitler
Preschool race classes: Building Belonging program identifies prejudice
Court to have its say in stoush between Casula and pub baron Peter De Angelis

Our Favourite Research

Lisa's can be found here.
Liam's is right here. (There's also an article about it here)
Leanne: Infant–toddler educators’ language support practices during snack-time. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 41(4)

News of the Week

Boom time for corporate childcare in Australia


Leanne: Light Research Hasn't Slowed Pre-K Expansion (The Atlantic)
Lisa: Broken Homes: On the Frontlines of Australia's Child Protection Crisis (Four Corners)
Liam: Commissioner for Children and Young People in South Australia (and Children's commissioners and guardians information)

We'll be recording a "Q&A" episode in December, so if you have a question you want use to discuss, head right here!

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