#67 NQF challenges in Western Australia and the Northern Territory (with Tina Holtom, CEO of Child Australia)

We take a quick look at some sector resources for National Reconciliation Week, before taking a look at the challenges faced by the early education sector in Western Australia and the Northern Territory with Child Australia CEO Tina Holtom.

Child Australia website

Reconciliation Week resources

ACECQA: Laarning with Aboriginal Communities
ABC Online - Aboriginal History
Understanding and helping Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children connect to their Culture  
Talkin' Up and Speakin' Out: Aboriginal and Multicultural Voices in Early Childhood
Please knock before you enter: Aboriginal regulation of outsiders and implications for researchers
The Koori Curriculum
Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning
Red Ruby Scarlet and Jessica Staine’s upcoming book The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide. Available in a few weeks from www.multiverse.com.au

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The Social Justice in Early Childhood Annual Conference
Realising the Potential: Early Childhood Forum
Little People, Big Dreams Conference

Liam McNicholas