#8 Does language matter? / Kate Ellis at the National Press Club

Lisa, Leanne and Liam are back again to discuss:  

  • How do the words and language we use around early childhood education make a difference?
  • Then we hear from Liam and some special guests on Kate Ellis’s address to the National Press Club, including interviews with Kate Ellis herself as well as Sam Page from Early Childhood Australia.

Thanks to Simon Rosenberg and Anna Whitty from Northside Community Service and Robby McGarvey from MOCCA for taking part in the panel. 

You can watch Kate Ellis’s National Press Club speech here. 
Leanne and Lisa both really wanted to give their perspectives on the speech as well: 
Leanne’s thoughts
Lisa’s thoughts
Liam's blogpost on the qualification debate from 2014. 
The Australian Qualifications Framework 

News of the Week 
A Harsh Critique of Federally-Funded Pre-K 

Lisa: Our 'national shame': 730,000 Aussie kids living in poverty 
Liam: Pure imagination: illustrator Robert Ingpen on the value of childhood dreaming 
Leanne: Natalia Rudiak and Erin McClelland: Early childhood, the best investment 

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