#83 After the Apology: What services need to do to keep children safe

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologised on behalf of the nation  for failing and abandoning the thousands of survivors of institutional child sex abuse. The Apology came after the Royal Commission conducted a years-long investigation into Australia’s failure to keep children safe in many instances.

This week, we take a look at how the Royal Commission and the Apology affects early childhood education services, what it means to be a child-safe organisation and what the Commission’s proposed Child Safe Standards mean for children and the sector.


Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
Main Website
Preface and Executive Summary
Volume 6, Making institutions child safe
Volume 7, Improving institutional responding and reporting

ABC News: Scott Morrison apologises to victims of institutional child sex abuse
Australian Human Rights Commission: National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
Stop it Now! UK and Ireland
NAPCAN Community Safety Workshops - Action Plans for Children
AIFS & NAPCAN: Prevention of child abuse and neglect

ECLD19, Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference (29-30 March 2019, Perth)
Mitchell Institute event: The importance of quality in early childhood development (15 November, Melbourne)

Liam McNicholas